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More Ways to Really Make it in Residential Remodel/Replacement Sales

1. Stay honest. During your presentation, think only of what your prospective customers' needs are and how you can solve them. Forget about what everyone else wants you to sell and sell only what you believe the customer wants to buy and will benefit by owning. Never think about your commission or what's in it for you during your sales calls.

2. Do some disassembly. I shouldn't tell you this one. It's one of my secret weapons. On the other hand, since most salespeople consider themselves above even touching tools, I figure why not share it with you?

Carry some small hand tools and remove a few screws and access panels. Why? There are three reasons, actually. The third one is the best.

To begin with, pulling out a few tools can suddenly convert you in their eyes from the role of salesman to the role of service tech; and who has more credibility in the home, a salesman or a service tech?

Secondly, the more I look into the actual condition of their existing equipment, the more convinced I become that they should replace it, which is good. The way I see it, the sales process works from the inside out; meaning that once I'm convinced on the very specific reasons why they should do something about their situation, the stronger I feel when I make my recommendations.

Lastly (and here's the best reason), when they tell me they need to think it over, I say, "Of course you do. And I need to put everything back together." Often that little five to ten minutes is all the time they need to discuss things among themselves and make the right decision.

3. Learn consumer credit. Two-thirds of the remodel/replacement purchases in this country are financed. That means that if two out of every three sales that you make are not financed, you're missing out on that share of the market.

I had relationships with enough different credit sources that I could get just about anyone financed. People with bad credit are called "payment buyers" and they have a right to enjoy our products and services, too. Also, they nearly always buy the best. Over a period of time I developed a reputation among "payment buyers." It actually got to the point where, on a number of occasions, while I was inside visiting with one family, a couple of them would be hanging around outside by my vehicle, waiting in line to talk to me; and believe me, that's a wonderful position to be in.

4. Learn your competition. Attend every distributor and manufacturer sponsored event you can, whether it's your brand or not. Get to know these guys and listen to their questions and comments during seminars. That lets you know how lame they are and takes away the fear of them bidding against you.

The more I learned about my fellow salespeople, the less they beat me on price because I knew for a fact (as opposed to wondering about it) that I was definitely making a better impression and, after a while, I couldn't see how anyone could buy from them after meeting me, which by the way, very few did.

Visit with your competition; show them your prices. Then they'll raise theirs to where they're only 25% below yours, instead of 30-40%.

Visit customers who chose to buy from your competition so you can get good look at your competition's work.

5. Develop a planned presentation. Having a planned presentation means that you have a standard way of explaining the things you normally have to explain and responses to the questions and objections you normally encounter.

Whether or not they have a planned presentation is one of the methods I use for distinguishing between the true sales professionals and the rank amateurs. Here's another way of putting it-if you knew what normally worked for you, wouldn't you try do it the same way every time?

Do I mean a "canned" presentation? Yes! Having a "canned" presentation doesn't mean you have to say it like a robot or even that you have to use it. Having a planned presentation does not mean you can't alter your presentation to fit what you perceive as your prospects social style; rather, it gives you some point from which to diverge.

One of the biggest problems salespeople have is that they're unable to actually listen to their prospects. While the prospect is speaking, instead of listening to them, and analyze what they're saying, salespeople are usually trying to think of what they'll say next. Having planned, rehearsed responses to the most common things your prospects say to you frees your mind so that you can actually listen to your prospects.

If you don't know where to begin on planning your sales presentation, come to the Sales Survival School and I'll teach you my presentation..

An excellent, lower cost alternative to the Sales Survival School is an investment in Tom McCart's books listed below.

Tom McCart is "HVAC's Million Dollar Salesman;" the first residential replacement salesman to sell $1,000,000 in one year, and he did his first year in the business!

You may have already known about Tom's sales records, but a little known secret is that Tom and I used to work at the same company and he's the one that helped me perfect my selling techniques!

If it weren't for Tom, I don't know what I'd be doing today! There is a good chance I wouldn't have made it in residential remodel/replacement sales.

Tom McCart made selling easy for me, and lucky for you, he's written his sales techniques down in two excellent books: No Secrets to Selling HVAC Replacements, and The Selling Script Book for Common Objections and Stalls.

These books are mandatory reading for plumbing and HVAC salespeople. If you're running sales leads, get these books; you can't afford not to! Here's the link where you can order them: Tom McCart Manuals library .

I've put together a very special, limited time offer, available exclusively through Charlie Greer's HVAC Profit Boosters, of signed Tom McCart manuals. In all seriousness, these special signed editions are due to become collector's items and that alone makes them worth the investment.

While you're there, check out these other Tom McCart titles: 240+ Low Cost Marketing Ideas & Direct Mail Bank This short, concise volume contains over 240 time-tested, field-tested and easy to use marketing ideas that won't cost you a fortune to implement. Build your company's image with community involvement, fund raisers and special events. Also included is a direct mail letter section for you to use and adjust to your offer.

Demand Service Operations Manual. A mandatory resource to help you build a successful service department. Learn organizational systems to help you run a profitable service department.

Included in this jammed packed resource is:

  • Performance-based pay system for service technicians
  • A technician proficiency test
  • An Installer test
  • Job descriptions
  • Tracking systems
  • Service forms
  • Punch lists to help you in building a well run service department.

"Tell-Marketing" Startup Manual You have a right and an obligation to call your own customers to keep them informed! "Back sell" your own customer base instead of making intrusive "telemarketing" calls. Do something proactive when the phone isn't ringing and reduce your cost of generating sales leads! This manual helps you develop and build your own telemarketing department. Includes time-tested, field-tested scripts and tracking forms.

Service Agreement Start-up Manual A great source if you are just starting up an agreement program or want to revitalize your existing program.

Here's the link again: Tom McCart Manuals library

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