Heat Pump Sales Training for Salespeople and Contractors

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Topic: Heat Pump Sales for Salespeople
Course title: Closing More Heat Pump Sales

Course description:  This course is custom-designed for each sponsor.  Charlie Greer will teach contractors how to sell more add-on heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps or all-electric heating, depending on the sponsor's goals.

One of the best part of this course is that it emphasizes all the benefits to heat pump ownership that have nothing to do with energy savings, i.e., more even temperatures, less temperature stratification, no air infiltration caused by combustion air or humidity removal (like with gas furnaces) and better for the environment, to mention a few.

Want to know exactly what I mean?  Click here: The Right Way to Sell Add-on Heat Pumps

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  • 10 best things to do on a sales call
  • 10 worst things to do on a sales call
  • 10 ways to increase replacement leads generated by your service department
  • 10 "closing techniques"
  • 10 ways to handle sales objections
  • 20 step in-home sales presentation procedure
  • 20 "musts" for every residential replacement salesperson
  • 50 page workbook included
  • Selling "up"
  • Selling high-efficiency equipment
  • System selling
  • Selling accessories
  • Selling extending warranties
  • Selling quality, getting your price
  • Sales proposal form
  • "Energy Analysis and Comfort Survey" form
  • Charlie Greer's award winning in-home sales presentation written out word-for-word!

Course length: One full day

Who should attend:  Residential replacement salespeople.  (Note--there is a separate course for service techs.)

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