Here's what people are saying about Charlie Greer's Sales Survival School

I was in your school last year and it really helped me to be the best I could be. I went on commission in April of this year without ever having sold any heating and air equipment before. As of this message I have sold $530,000.00 (his first 9 months selling) and am enjoying my job. My goal was $600,000.00. Thanks again for the great start."
R.S. (HVAC Salesman)

I used the "paper towel close" on a $2,100 water heater quote and it worked!THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the insight you have passed on to our trades.You have helped make my job as a service tech enjoyable, safer, profitable, exciting, less challenging. and a whole lot of FUN."--Jeff (Plumbing Service Tech)

Just a quick update on what is happening here.#1- Jeff (the tech above) has tripled the amount of service agreement sales he has had the past 2 months over what his previous numbers were. I attribute this to his using the "Paper Towel Close."#2- Jeff is also getting a lot of attention from the other techs with his ability to always have work. In other words he is selling and upselling his jobs.#3- I personally have sold 2 water service replacement jobs the last couple weeks being the higher priced guy. Your features/benefits list gave me the ability to not stand there with the dumb look on my face when hit with the inevitable "You are much higher than the other guy". One job was for almost $9000 and the other one we are doing tomorrow is for $4200.--Randy (Jeff's Service Manager)

"Charlie--just wanted to let you know how impressed I am by the results I am getting from Randy & Jeff's training. Not only are they wired to sell but are having a positive impact on the rest of my technicians. Like Noah - you will be getting the rest of them two-by-two. I am positive that once all are trained that I will be getting increased sales with no increased marketing expense. Thanks"--Richard, Contractor/Owner of the company where the two gentlemen above work

"To a man I will never forget--
I just wanted to take a brief moment today to say thank you for being the person that I perceive you to be, a very decent man. Thanks for teaching much more than HVAC. I will never forget you. You are a Book of Wisdom in my opinion. Thanks for choosing to be a part of the solution to life's problems rather than being part of the problem. I received much more from attending your 4 day Sales Survival School than I ever imagined. God Bless you, Charlie. Thanks again for being my Mentor. I really believe my GOD had directed me to you.

May your GOD Bless You and those you hold close to your heart with Health, Happiness and Prosperity.
--Steve (HVAC Service Tech)

"This course changed the way I think about my service calls, my opportunities and myself."
--Dante (HVAC Service Tech)

(Note: This fine young man shaved off his mustache and goatee as a result of the Sales Survival School.)