The Charlie Greer Difference

Fellow HVAC Professional:

I believe that the best way for distributors to increase their sales is to increase dealer sales, and the best way to do that is to make your dealers into better salespeople.  That begins with quality sales training.

There are a number of trainers in the industry and you'll have to determine which one is right for you.  Some questions you'll need to answer are: Is the trainer a big enough "draw" to fill the room?  Will they provide quality printed material?  Will they be able to communicate effectively?  Will your dealers use what they've learned?  Are they reliable?  Will they embarrass you?

Below is a brief list of what I feel are the distinct advantages you'd enjoy by having me conduct your dealer training.

The Charlie Greer Difference:

  • All my expenses are included in my pricing. 
  • There's no guesswork in determining the exact amount of your investment and you don't have to worry about me "double-dipping" on expenses.
  • Very high quality workbooks and business forms. Every course comes with a bound workbook.  I do not send you a master to photocopy and I never run short of materials.  I present a product to your customers that will make you proud.
  • I help you promote my training by sending invitations to everyone you'd like to attend. The  greater the attendance the more seminar fees you'll collect and the more dealers will increase their  sales.  I also provide them with my personal toll-free telephone number so they can call me to answer any specific questions they have about my upcoming training session.
  • I also promote the workshop by announcing the location, the date and the subject matter in my newsletter.  I have a regular mailing list of over 3,000 and it's quite common for people from out of town to attend my workshops (and pay you a seminar fee to do so).
  • I'm well known, which makes me a draw. Your dealers know of me and will want to attend my  seminars.  You may collect enough in seminar fees for my seminars to pay for themselves.
  • I'm one of them and I speak their language. I still work in the field. I still run sales calls and service calls.I've been on the training circuit for nine years. That means I know what I'm doing in front of  a group.  I won't embarrass you, get self-indulgent, get side-tracked or run overtime.
  • I'm an excellent, experienced salesman. I'm not one of these trainers who is only speaking  about what he's been told works.  I'll also promote your products for you.
  • I know what works and I know what doesn't. I know what I'm able to do myself and I know  what I'm not able to train others to do.  I only cover the material I know translates well to others. 


I'm certain that, after considering all the factors; travel, lodging and printing expenses, the quality of the training and the results my training produces, and the additional attendance and seminar fees you'll  collect with my seminars, you'll realize that I am your lowest cost alternative.

Yours for increased success,


Charlie Greer