2-Day HVAC Sales Course

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Who should attend: HVAC Residential Replacement Salespeople

2-Day In-Home Selling Skills Seminar Course Objectives:

  • More Sales
  • Fewer Turndowns
  • Higher Average Sale
  • More Sales of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Products
  • Higher Income for Everyone
  • Increased Confidence
  • Higher Self-Image
  • Improved Company Image


Day One - AM: Salesmanship

  • What is the Purpose of Your Job?
  • The Salesman Stigma
  • They Don’t HAVE to Like You
  • Are You Talking Yourself Out of Sales?
  • Before saying anything...
  • Questions are the Answer
  • Developing Your Listening Skills
  • Before Recommending Anything, First Establish ...
  • Keep It Short and Simple
  • Educating vs. Enlightening
  • Eye Contact
  • Jerks Buy!
  • Project a "Positive Level of Expectation"
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Un-sellable calls
  • It’s OKAY to Pre-Judge Your Calls!
  • Keep Track of Your Numbers
  • Goal-setting.

Day One - PM: Overcoming Objections:

  •  "Quantifying Quality"
  • "List of Talking Points"
  • "Features & Benefits" Close
  • The "Cost of Waiting" Close
  • "I want to think it over..."
  • "I have to talk to ..."
  • "Your price is too high!"
  • "I want to get other bids."
  • "I'm going to hold off at this time ..."

    Day Two - AM: Steps to running a replacement sales call

    • Attire and grooming
    • The “scripted” presentation
    • The incoming phone call
    • Pre-call planning
    • The confirming phone call
    • Mental preparation
    • The approach to the home
    • Your first 60 seconds
    • The questionnaire
    • Summaries
    • The room-by-room inspection
    • The equipment inspection
    • Drawing the home
    • Give ‘em a break!
    • Equipment selection
    • The sales presentation
    • Understanding the “Cost Comparison Charts”
    • The “Energy Savings Presentation”.

    Day Two - PM: Closing techniques

    • The "Walk-through" Close
    • The "Paper Towel" Close
    • The "Permission to Make a Profit" Close
    • The "Optional" Close
    • The "Installation Fee" Close
    • The "Proposal" Close
    • Following up.

      Includes 82 page workbook.

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