Selling HVAC Replacements

Selling HVAC Replacements to Homeowners

How To Sell HVAC Replacements to HomeownersThis is the manual Tom used in his seminars and is based on his own "Million Dollar" Five-Step selling system.

Tom's " No Secrets" 5-Step system is customer focused using a "soft sell" approach.  In fact, the customer actually closes the sale for you!

This system eliminates price tug-of-wars, price concessions and the bidding process.  You will never leave another unsigned proposal with a prospect again!

There are over 260 pages of valuable information and many selling forms to help "Jump Start" your replacement department.

How a person can get into the sales profession and not have the desire to become the very best is beyond me.  How a person can expect to improve without studying sales technique is absurd!  This manual is mandatory reading for the retail replacement salesperson!



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NOTE:  Tom McCart died of Lou Gehrig's Disease on June 10, 2004.  ALL of the proceeds from the sale of Tom McCart products go to his family to pay for his medical and long-term care expenses.  To date, the sale of these products has raised over $100,000.

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