Our Customers

Testimonials and References

"Thank you for the information and the passion with which you deliver it. It shows that your goals are about changing peoples lives as well as making the industry more professional and profitable."
--E.S., Residential Replacement Salesman, Hendersonville, TN

"You are directly on target. I appreciate your sincerity about honesty and morality in our business. Keep up the Good work. I appreciate a colleague with your integrity and knowledge."
--Dr. Ron Collier

"Charlie,Guess what? I sold my first system Saturday after your class..  Then an A/C system this last Saturday and just came back from selling a furnace today.  So things are starting to happen!"
--T.R., Service Technician, Missouri


"Charlie, I've written a lot of checks, but never have I been more pleased to write one than this.  Never have I received so much value for so little money!  (Said when writing the check for his one-on-one session)."
--R.D., Contractor, Chicago

"You are now, in my opinion, the #1 growth teacher in America. You do it with hands on.  You ride with the servicemen - to teach them how.  You ride with the installers - to teach them how.  You ride with salesmen - to teach them how.  You work hand in glove with management to affect procedures that work and shovel substantial profits in their coffers. I have seen you work all night long perfecting procedures to enhance activities the next day.  This is real, true commitment. I am not aware of anyone, anywhere who is giving so much of himself so unselfishly.  You are top dog on my list of winners.  Keep up the good work and I shall always remain your friend and student."
--A.Y., Contractor, Indianapolis

"Charlie, You do a great job.  Keep up the great work.  The industry needs you."
--Tom Grandy (HVAC consultant), of Grandy & Associates