Topics Covered in Tec Daddy's Service Technician Survival School on DVD


The entire series is 13 discs. Each disc consists of four 15-20 minute episodes. That provides you with an entire year's worth of training!




  • What is the purpose of your job?


  • Is service technician a sales position?
  • Overcoming the "sales stigma"


  • Do you have the time to increase sales?
  • Why do you come to work?


  • The 10 "C's" of running service.
  • BONUS FEATURE: Music video ? "BIG SURPRISE!"

"Your video is clear, concise, and in an easy-to-understand format. Beats the snot out of a pencil neck pulling out a spreadsheet and beating a guy down because 'his numbers aren't so good.' I like it." --R.L., Service Tech



  • The power of "Positive Thinking"
  • The power of "Negative Thinking."


  • Career options for service technicians.


  • The raw truth about owning your own service company.
  • EPISODE 8:

    • What are you thinking?
    • BONUS FEATURE: Music video ? "What's he tryin' ta do, scare ya?"

    "After watching Episode 5, my staff was so positive about things it was almost uncomfortable."
    -- M. T., Service Manager

    DISC 3

    EPISODE 9:

    • Selling "add-ons"
    • Increasing your billable hour efficiency.

    EPISODE 10:

    • Organizational skills for techs
    • The benefits of doing neat paperwork.

    EPISODE 11:

    • Don't be a trouble-maker or complainer
    • Avoid gossips and criticizing others.

    EPISODE 12:

    • Goal setting.
    • BONUS FEATURE: Detailed instructions for selling "add-ons."

    This is a two-sided disc that includes separate sections for plumbing, electrical and HVAC techs!

    "We had our first meeting this morning with the Technician Survival DVD's and it went well-- everyone enjoyed it, and man, was it easy to prepare for!" -- A.O., Contractor

    DISC 4

    EPISODE 13:

    • Overcoming price objections.

    EPISODE 14:

    • More ways to overcome price objections.

    EPISODE 15:

    • Still more ways to overcome price objections.

    EPISODE 16

    • Even more ways to overcome price objections.
    • BONUS FEATURE: Why Should I Buy From You?

    Tec Daddy provides a "Features & Benefits" list you can use in your company to overcome the price objection.

    "When it comes to seminars, training and the like, I have found there's usually a place when I recognize that I have received my moneys worth. Episode 13 was that point for me. Everything from here on is "gravy" as far as I am concerned. Thanks for taking the time and energy to produce these DVD's and for making them available to companies like ours. You are our hero and we have developed a tremendous respect for you!" --C.L., Manager

    DISC 5

    EPISODE 17:

    • Service agreement sales.

    EPISODE 18:

    • Service agreement sales.

    EPISODE 19:

    • Service agreement sales.

    EPISODE 20:

    • Service agreement sales.
    • BONUS FEATURE: Service agreement primer for contractors
    • SECOND BONUS FEATURE: "Silent Movie"

    "We have been extremely happy with our purchase of 'Tec Daddy.' We have used all used the procedures you have said we should, and it is working! This has been a great investment! Thank you for helping us to be all we could be." --M.C., Contractor

    DISC 6

    EPISODE 21:

    • Taking the service call.

    EPISODE 22:

    • The drive to the call.

    EPISODE 23:

    • Preparing for the call.

    EPISODE 24:

    • Arriving at the call.
    • BONUS FEATURE: Tec Daddy's recommendations for higher learning.

    DISC 7

    EPISODE 25:

    • Your demeanor.

    EPISODE 26:

    • Your first 60 seconds.

    EPISODE 27:

    • The "Courtesy Inspection."

    EPISODE 28:

    • The "Courtesy Inspection."
    • BONUS FEATURE: CSR training for handling the incoming phone call.

    "We are using your Tec Daddy program and it has been very well received. It has helped us communicate more and better. We have the dispatcher and the accounting person (who fills in for dispatcher from time to time) sit in on the weekly service meetings. Thanks again". -- T.S., Contractor

    DISC 8

    EPISODE 29:

    • Using the flat-rate book.

    EPISODE 30:

    • Setting up for the sale.

    EPISODE 31:

    • "Selling" the job.

    EPISODE 32:

    • "Closing" the sale.
    • BONUS FEATURE: The "Paper Towel Close"

    "Hey your DVD set just paid for itself. One of our techs said he 'pulled a Tec Daddy.' He listed off all the things she needed cleaned and it totaled about $600. She said, 'Forget that. Give me a new furnace!' It's neat to watch the guys watching the video. They really pay attention. I think it helps that you've been a tech and you're just not some guy in a suit telling them what they should be doing." -- M.B., Contractor

    DISC 9

    EPISODE 33:

    • "I need to talk to my husband."
    • "I need to think it over."

    EPISODE 34:

    • "Repair" vs. "Replace"
    • "Trial Closes"

    EPISODE 35:

    • Selling service over the phone.

    EPISODE 36:

    • Selling to landlords
    • Selling to Home Warranty Companies.
    • BONUS FEATURE: Improving your penmanship

    "Episode 33 was excellent! The twelve-step process is the easiest way to close those 'I want to think about it,' or 'We have to talk it over,' or some other excuse. I have for many years used a variety of statements and processes but this episode was a perfect 10. WOW, are we the winner here!!!! If we had paid five times your asking price this would have paid for them right now. With all the episode's we have seen, is there any wonder our service and sales are way up?" --M.C., Contractor

    DISC 10

    EPISODE 37:

    • Becoming an "active listener"
    • Making better eye contact

    EPISODE 38:

    • The use of questions
    • "Primary Interest"
    • "Dominant Buying Motive."

    EPISODE 39:

    • Establishing rapport
    • Psychoneuromotorlinguistics.

    EPISODE 40:

    • Proper grooming for service techs.
    • BONUS FEATURE: Improving your listening skills

    "Your series is the best 52 week tech training tool I've found to date. In the words of the great master Tec Daddy - 'Evolve or Die!'" -- M.W., Manager

    Disc 11

    EPISODE 41:

    • Tips for young-looking techs

    EPISODE 42:

    • Behaviors to avoid when running calls.

    EPISODE 43:

    • Assuming the sale
    • "Open-ended" questions.

    EPISODE 44:

    • Don't be a wimp!
    • BONUS FEATURE: "What is your hourly rate?" and "Flat-rate" vs. "Time & Material."

    "We are using the 'Tec Daddy' DVD. It is truly a work of art. You had 100% attention and even the doubters were impressed. Another thing I'd say to you is that I'm not easily impressed by anyone and have never put anyone on a pedestal. You are there!!! Thanks for all you do." -- N.W., Service Manager

    Disc 12

    EPISODE 45:

    • Are you boring your customers?
    • Making multiple closing attempts.

    EPISODE 46:

    • The "Return on Investment Close."

    EPISODE 47:

    • "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
    • The "post-hypnotic suggestion."

    EPISODE 48:

    • The "Quality/Service/Price Story."
    • BONUS FEATURE: "I want to get other bids."

    Disc 13

    EPISODE 49:

    • You'll never be at a loss for words again.

    EPISODE 50:

    • Managing your personal finances.

    EPISODE 51:

    • 5 things you really need to know.

    EPISODE 52:

    • Take pride in what you're doing.

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