Complete HVAC Customer Service Training system

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Steve Coscia's Complete HVAC Customer Service Training System 


HVAC Customer Service Handbooks:

  • You will receive five (5) copies
  • Handling Interruptions
  • Greeting Customers
  • Opening and Closing Phone Calls
  • Rushing Customers Off the Phone
  • Verbose Customers
  • Using Restraint, Not Retaliation
  • When Less Information is More
  • Voice Mail Etiquette
  • Customer Service Crossword Puzzle

NOTE: This manual is used as the textbook in HVAC Customer Service courses in more than 40 colleges across North America!

World Class Service on DVD:

  • Little Skills and Big Accomplishments
  • Attitude and Aptitude
  • The Vocal Image
  • A World Class Operation Site Visit
  • Personal Responsibility and Change
  • Adaptability Resiliency and Static Cycles
  • Listening Skills.

Customer Service Stress Relief on DVD:

  • Stress and the Customer Service Rep
  • How Stress Works
  • Four Stages of Stress
  • Connection Between Stress and Perception
  • Be Prepared for Anything
  • and more!

World Class Service to Maximize Sales:

  • 2 Audio CD Set
  • Upselling Strategies
  • Five Upselling Scripts
  • Human Insight and Building Rapport
  • The Service Placebo
  • Weapon Words & Absolute Extremes
  • Contain, Qualify and Correct.

MP3 Audio Files on CD:

  • Upselling
  • Solving Problems
  • Those Dreaded "Morning Calls"
  • and more!

Also Included:

  • Lesson Plan
  • Classroom Instructions
  • Six mp3 Audio Files
  • Exam
  • Employee Certificates
  • Five E-Learning Lessons (Site License)
  • CSR Expectations for Service Managers
  • Scripting Diagram for Service Managers
  • PowerPoint Presentations for Classroom Instruction.

STEVE COSCIA: creator of the Complete HVAC Customer Service Training System

Steve Coscia's clients make more money through better customer retention, increased upselling and heightened awareness to how stress can limit productivity and effectiveness.

Steve's strategies cut through the clutter and focus on the key behaviors which enable a company to become world class. His books, videos, audio programs and e-learning have helped thousands of customer service professionals.

"Our residential HVAC revenue is up 30% in the first 6 months after we started working with Steve. Our employees really learn from the Coscia Training System. It's easy and very engaging. I do the training myself." C.D.

"One of my company's inside people gained so much confidence on the telephone that I gave her some proactive telephone duties. In one month, she sold an extra $15,000 in maintenance contracts. Thanks Steve!" D.P.


SPECIAL OFFER: exclusive!
Buy the Training System and get a FREE CSR Jeopardy Game in a user-friendly PowerPoint format. 

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  • Jeopardy Disc
  • Jeopardy Game file in easy-to-use PowerPoint format.
  • Jeopardy Game instruction sheet.