From the Sky Up: Tom McCart Interview on DVD

The story of Tom McCart, HVAC's Million-Dollar Salesman with Charlie Greer

Click here for a two-minute sample video of "From the Sky Up: The Tom McCart Story on DVD" that contains an inspirational message.

What's it like to watch history in the making? What's it like to run sales calls with a man who made HVAC history? What's it take to really make it in HVAC sales and contracting? How do you generate sales every day of the year, regardless of the weather?

These topics and more are covered in this 75-minute video on DVD, a Tom McCart interview by Charlie Greer, shot just two months before Tom McCart lost his battle to Lou Gehrig's disease.

These two legendary salesman and sales trainers also discuss their often adversarial relationship and how they used teamwork to achieve their goals.

Want to learn a few little known facts about the myth behind the man? Tom McCart was born into a family living in a home with a dirt floor! Tom McCart overcame polio as a child. Click here for a two-minute sample video of "From the Sky Up: The Tom McCart Story on DVD" that contains an inspirational message.

"Just a note to let it be known that the DVD on Tom McCart is fantastic. Charlie, you did a great service to him and for the industry. The quality is great also. (Not that you would do any thing less, I'd just like for it to be known.) After using Tom for years as our coach and consultant, it'll be something for us to treasure. I wish I could have been there in the days of Charlie and Tom at Modern Air. You guys were so far ahead of us salesman today, even in those years. I highly recommend this DVD." S.P.

"Just a note to let you know I watched that DVD, and not only was it great professionally, but I have to tell you, I found it deep and somewhat moving. That's all I wanted to say, just a great production, old school sales at its best with two guys that really care. Thanks. Charlie."-- E.F.




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NOTE: Tom McCart died of Lou Gehrig's Disease on June 10, 2004. ALL of the proceeds from the sale of Tom McCart products go to his family to pay for his medical and long-term care expenses. To date, the sale of these products has raised over $100,000.

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