Charlie Greer On-Site Sales Seminars

Get Tec Daddy in Your Shop!

Charlie Greer will come to your shop and customize his training to meet yuor needs, with your techs, your customers, your products, and your prices.

Charlie can help you implement flat-rate pricing or a service agreement program.

Get a higher average service invoice for your techs and a higher closing ratio for your salespeople.

I train HVAC Technicians, HVAC Residential Replacement Salespeople, Plumbing Techs and Electrical Techs.

Want to sell more service agreements, Indoor Air Quality and/or Water Treatment? I'm your man!

"Immediately after you trained our plumbers and HVAC techs we had our most profitable month in the history of the company.  Before your visit, we'd never sold a UV light.  Now, we can't keep them in stock!"  R.A.



  • One day: $7,000
  • Two days: $12,000 (same location)
  • Three days: $16,000 (same location)
  • Four days: $20,000 (same location)


Includes: Charlie Greer's travel, lodging, meals, local transportation and seminar workbooks for each attendee.

Does not include: Meeting room or refreshments for attendees.

Don't have enough people in your company? Make a few phone calls and partner up with other contractors in your area.

"I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone and plan to send some of my other men to your school." P.M., Contractor

Charlie's Schedule

To have Charlie Greer come to your shop, call 1-800-963-HVAC (4822) or email Charlie at