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  • The Technician Ride-alongs are Back!

    Dale Mincks

    "Dale brings passion, a system, an energy, and a true knowledge of being a technician. He will show your techs how to run a call, ANY call, and make revenue the right way and the professional way. I can’t express enough how talented this man is. Yes, his sales alone can pay for his visit, but your shop and your technicians gain so much more than that. Without a doubt the best tech I have ever been around." -A.B.

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  • Who Answers the Phone?

    Who Answers the Phone? on Audio CD

    The person who responds to telephone inquiries for service and free estimates has one of the most important positions in a service company.

    Answering a service contractor’s telephone is a sales position that requires as much sales skill as any other position in the company.

    Specifically made for PLUMBING, ELECTRICAL and HVAC Service Contractors.

    Who Answers the Phone?

  • Tec Daddy's Service Technician Survival School

    Tec Daddy on DVD

    • Applies specifically to PLUMBING, ELECTRICAL, and HVAC Service Techs
    • 13 DVDs
    • 52 20-minute videos
    • Play one per week for a year's worth of ready-made sales training.

    Your success as a service contractor depends on your service technicians' success as salespeople -- and they don't even want to be seen as salesmen! This ground-breaking series will help you break through that barrier, change your whole company culture, and convert you it from a service company to a SALES company!

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  • Plumbing Service Agreements Made Simple

    Plumbing Service Agreements Made Simple by Charlie Greer
    • Increase your average service invoice
    • Provide you with happier customers
    • Help you retain service technicians
    • One audio CD for Managers
    • One audio CD for technicians and CSRs
    • One CD-ROM with manuals and scripts
    • Service Agreement Form included!

    With this short audio course, your technicians will start selling service agreements immediately! This series can make you millions of dollars in extra sales, will give you happier customers, and help you retain your service technicians!

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  • Slacker's Guide to HVAC Sales - Now on MP3!

    Slacker's Guide
    • Closing techniques
    • Overcoming objections
    • How to make a follow-up call
    • How to deal with "one-leggers"
    • The steps to a successful sales call
    • How to establish rapport non-verbally
    • and much more...

    This series can make you millions of dollars in extra sales, will give you a more positive outlook, will win you the admiration of others, and costs less than the profit you'll make on one sale!

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  • Quantifying Quality

    Quantifying Quality

    This single CD will be the most profitable 32 minutes of your life and will teach you the close that will help you to BEAT LOW-BIDDERS on replacement jobs.

    The info on this CD is not covered in "Slacker's Guide to HVAC Sales."

    "First chance to use Quantifying Quality close yesterday and the customer stopped me half-way through it to buy. What a game changer, to be able to overcome a $2,400 difference in price! You are the man!"

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    Over the Top HVAC Sales CD Cover-- Charlie Greer

    This single, 45-minute CD will will teach you a dialogue that will inspire enthusiasm in your customers that will make them feel good about buying from you, and will challenge everything you ever thought you knew about HVAC sales.

    The info on this CD is not covered in Slacker's Guide to HVAC Sales.

    'Using your word pictures with emotional triggers has earned me over $200,000 in the past six months alone. One of my techs just sold over $3,000 in IAQ products using your word pictures with emotional triggers. They help my salesmen, my service technicians, and me make more sales, and make our customers feel good about buying from us.'

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This website is for Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC Contractors, Service Techs, Salespeople, and CSRs who want to learn how to ethically increase their profits by properly pricing their products and services, and learning how to sell them.

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