HVAC Spells Wealth (The Book)

The HVAC Spells Wealth Book

HVAC Spells Wealth BookThe most comprehensive "how to" book ever published in the HVAC industry. How to build and manage a highly successful HVAC residential retail business. You're entitled to a 20% to 25% net profit! Others are doing it. Now, you can too!

The procedures, processes, systems, recruiting and hiring techniques, training, marketing, your portfolio of products and services, 13 steps to a complete sales program, pay plans, industry benchmarks or key performance indicators, organizational design, service agreements, calculating market share, forms and documents and much more. 316 pages, including 41 exhibits.

I recommended this book to a contractor friend of mine who was already earning a 20+% net profit. He said this book showed him how much he didn't know and thanks me every time we talk for recommending it to him. -- Charlie Greer

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Ron Smith, Author
Meet Ron Smith:

  • A Founder and a member of the Board of Directors of Service Roundtable
  • Member of the Contracting Business HVAC Hall of Fame
  • Recipient of the Service Roundtable "Servant Leader Award"
  • The Tom McCart HVAC Consultant of the Year.

"I worked for Ron Smith at Modern Air.  I can personally vouch for the content in these manuals.  Ron Smith is one of those rare consultants who actually ran his company the way he suggests that you run yours." -- Charlie Greer